Live Video in 2016


What should viewers expect in live video in 2016? More. More concerts, more events, more sports. More of everything, in fact, except social networking. There we might see less.

The story isn’t just about entertainment deals. These live experiences are made possible by a variety of hardware investments that provide the network needed to bring live HD video from remote locations to the home.

Consumer expectations are rapidly changing, and viewers know they can stream big-screen, HD experiences without worrying about buffering. That gives them the push to sample more live events.

“We’re seeing pretty reliable delivery of high-quality video, so now that the audience is comfortable that their setup can sustain a concert or a sports game for a couple of hours uninterrupted, that is building confidence to seek out live content on digital platforms,” Peters says. “I think that, coupled with some niche and specialty content available exclusively on digital, is really making live come of age this year.”